IN A JAM IN A JAM In the vocal booth, getting ready to sing at Criteria Studios in Miami. I am obviously repeating the mantra, "Madness meets Oingo Boingo meets Wang Chung..." 205046313 It was certainly a privilege to work with legendary producer Lewis Martinee on "In A Jam." L-R in this photo: Engineer William Knauft, John T. McMullan, Lewis Martinee. Hopefully we will do another one soon! 205046317 Ben enjoys a little foosball beneath the hardware display at Criteria! 205046314 It didn't take long for Lewis to find one of several gold albums on the wall! 205046316 After long hours hanging with me at the studio, nothing made Ben happier than a basketball workout at legendary Margaret Pace Park. 205046315 Co Executive Producer Dan Pavelich put together a perfect replica of an '80's synthetic/ska sleeve! 205046318 Be sure to check out "Back In Time," not just to hear "IN A JAM," but to enjoy 15 underground artists from the '80's, all grouped together in an effort to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation! 205046312